Why Reputation Management Services Are Crucial For A Companies Growth

The reason reputation management services are so important for a company to implement is because there personal beliefs and negative commentary can be posted about them to the public. Many businesses do not understand that you have to take a proactive approach to make sure that negative comments are posted about your company by angry people. There was one case in 2008 were business owner looked on the Internet to find that some of his core beliefs which were not complementary to his business beliefs were posted on the Internet and ranking on the top 10 of the Google search engine results pages. Because of this ranking unfortunately his business profits started taking a drastic dive. Another situation just year later,Why Reputation Management Services Are Crucial For A Companies Growth Articles someone realized that a major news network posted a negative article about the company.

Within just a couple of hours this article was ranking at the top of the search engines with this company’s name. Unfortunately the contents of this article were not true, but it didn’t stop clients from calling the company and asking about the report. Even though the report wasn’t completely true the companies reputation suffered just because this information was published online. Both of these situations have a common thread in that is that both of these business owners were not proactive in sourcing reputable reputation management services to help protect their brand on the Internet. These days it’s not hard to rank for most companies when someone that is disgruntled decides to post negative information about your company. In fact as in a Seo expert myself, if I wanted to I could write anything bad I wanted to about your company tomorrow morning, and by tomorrow night I would be ranking in the top 10.

I’m not saying I would actually do this, but unfortunately there are other people out there that would and because of this you need to look at sourcing reputation management services that will help you get rid of these comments. Most commonly these type of comments are posted on company review sites like yelp and the online Yellow Pages. More of these sites seem to be popping up every single month which gives disgruntled people more and more opportunities to post negative comments about any business. The good news is that reputation management services and online reputation management companies that have a good understanding of search engine optimization principles can push these bad comments so far down the search engine results pages that hardly anybody will ever find them.

You don’t have to necessarily be a company to use reputation management services. For example if you’re just looking for a job, and someone that had a beef with you six years ago decided to post some garbage about you online reputation management company can push that way down on the search engine result pages. Online reputation management services can also be employed for people that are looking for investors that it had some kook post some negative information about you or if you’re selling a product and want to protect your product brand from someone that had a bad experience with it or your company. 99% of customers are happy customers especially if you are a decent business with a good product. But like the old saying goes it only takes one rotten apple to make the whole bunch look bad.

Chances are that people are going to turn to the search engines to learn about you before they do business with you which is why search reputation management services are so important. One of the goals of these services are to protect your image and your company. Their main job is to counter negative search results and to reflect them in a much more positive light. The search engines use very hard to understand algorithms which decide how a website will be ranked and what position it will be ranked. The job of reputation management services are to make sure that they are on top of these changes so they can find and deal with negative comments as soon as they’re posted. They do this by trying to get the negative posting deleted or to rebut it with positive comments and references to more positive websites about your company.

There is a whole swarm of reputation management services coming online right now and their purpose is to help defend their clients from negative comments people post about them all over the Internet. These types of services started popping up about 7-8 years ago when individual started researching companies on the Internet. How the process works, is a service like ours would track your company in be advised of every single London property management thing written about your company positive or negative by anybody else. Obviously there’s no need to mess with the positive comments because they are not going to hurt you. However the negative comments need to be dealt with swiftly and aggressively so they don’t spread or cause even more havoc. These types of services used to be very expensive, but over the years have grown to be more reasonably priced and affordable by the average small business owner.


How much you spend on reputation management services depends on the size your company. These types of services can start around a grand a month, and for medium to larger businesses can be several thousand dollars a month. It all depends on how much bad stuff is written on the Internet about you already. If there’s only a few bad things written about you on the Internet, and you just want to make sure it stays that way these services can started just a couple hundred dollars a month. The bottom line is you pay for what you get in when it comes your company’s reputation you can really put a price on that. Reputation management services are perfectly legal and ethical, they just take information that is already out there that’s negative and push it down the listing so nobody else can see it.