How to Select the Right Granite Countertop Fabricator is Easy

When selecting a fabricator,How to Select the Right Granite Countertop Fabricator is Easy Articles the quality of the fabricator is often overlooked because of the common misconception that granite is granite. This is equivalent to saying that a car is a car and their quality is all the same. We all know a cheap car that is unreliable car is not a good deal at any price. How do we know what to look for and who to believe?

Today, a quality fabricator uses state of the art equipment such as digital templating tools, CNC robotic cutting and manufacturing equipment. A quality fabricator has a quality inspection and training process throughout its manufacturing operation. Just by asking the right questions, you can learn what type of fabricator you are interviewing for your countertop work.

You can separate the men from the boys in just 6 questions.

1) Do my countertops need to be removed prior to template?

If the countertops do not need installing countertops to be removed prior to template, expect a sloppy fit and

uneven overhangs. RUN NOW and RUN FAST.

Hiding these gaps with a matching stone backsplash may preclude your using a tile backsplash in the future. Beware of the free 4 inch backsplash. That is really code for fast and sloppy.

The worst of all “installer hacks” will cut your drywall to slide the countertop into the wall. This will allow cold air in winter to penetrate your home forever, freeze pipes, cause the granite to expand and contract unevenly and even crack years after the installation. Why would the granite company do this? It cuts the work in half of preparing the stone. A good company will scribe the counter top the wall.

2) How will the stone be prepared at the seams?

Photo Slab Software that allows you to layout the stone and see the seams before it’s even cut is a technical reality for hi-end stone choices at quality stone shops.