Do You Have a Dream of Bar Ownership? – 10 Facts You Need to Know First!

1. Write your Bar Ownership Business Plan. It should consist of:

a. types of food and drink you plan on serving
b. your location
c. your grand opening date d. description of your great investment opportunity

2. Know your monthly bills. Here are some examples.

a. alcohol purchase
b. utilities
c. supplies
d. wages
e. rent or mortgage f. set enough money aside for stocking up on alcohol and paying for bar licenses

3. Find a building that used to be a bar. Do they have beer coolers? Is the basement large enough to store liquor securely with a lock and key? Is parking available? What is the office like and bar license ny can you have internet access? Check out the bathrooms, furnace, and water heater.

4. Get a State Sales Tax Stamp, Alcohol – Tobacco – Firearms Tax Stamp, Federal ID No. and the a license for liquor from your city. If you plan on serving food and/or snacks, you will need a license for food. Bar ownership licenses must be all approved before you open your establishment.

5. Frame your licenses and hang them on the wall in plain sight. Contact distributors to come so you can order your inventory. Find a beer and a liquor distributor along with a snack and food vendor.

6. Decide on Management. You will need help planning and launching your bar business. If you don’t have all the qualities it takes, you will need to hire a Manager.

7. Ask your Distributors about setting up games. Your Distributors will give you neon signs for the inside as well as for the outside windows.

8. Advertise for a bartender. You should hire one, maybe two bartenders to assist you.

9. Order supplies. Choose bar glasses, restaurant furniture, restaurant barstools, etc. Keep abreast of all your cleaning supplies, etc.

10. Opening your bar may cost thousands. Start with your own wallet, then consider friends and family who might invest in your restaurant bar. Then consider bank loans if needed.